Robert Birming

Achievements archives

Just watched this inspiring video about new year's resolutions by Matthew McConaughey.

Just because we got things we want to change, does not mean that we can't also look back and appreciate some of the things that maybe we pulled off in the past.

So true! And easy to forget.

New year's resolutions often tend to close the door to our past, focusing only on the things to come. But our past is filled with beautiful and important accomplishments.

If 2023 feels like a total failure when it comes to things accomplished, broaden the perspective. Dive into your achievements archives – look back two years, five years or ten years...

Amazing development, no doubt. A success story. So many lessons learned, so many achievements.

Use them for momentum to help carry you into the new year with the confidence to make happen what you want to make happen in your future.

Happy new year! 🎉