Robert Birming

Awesome aging

I was listening to an interview with the Swedish artist Peter Jöback. They were talking about aging and he said:

I feel like my life started after I turned 50. It's so much fun getting older! Now I can face the world with ease.

He says that after 50 he feels he has become more playful and that life feels "less serious".

I turned 50 myself a couple of years ago and I can relate 100 percent. Aside from a few minor “bugs”, like always having to keep a pair of reading glasses handy, there are only positive changes.

I don't worry so much about what people think of me. It's not that I don't care about things - on the contrary, humility and compassion are more prominent than ever - but I've come to truly realize that you can never control what others think and say about you.

You can't please them all – and that's fine!

In many ways, I think aging is a bit like the story of Benjamin Button. Not in terms of appearance, of course. Aging is noticeable in the form of gray hairs here and there, and other hairs have completely given up, never to return, etc…

But that doesn’t feel very important.

The lightness, though, really does feel like it makes the mind younger and younger. Like magic! It's more fun and interesting to live.

No matter your age, stay curious and enjoy life. Aging is pretty awesome, trust me.

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