Robert Birming

The bubbling writing nerve

I was listening to an interview with the Swedish artist Klara Andersson. When asked how she writes, she replied that she "just writes" - on her cell phone, on paper... Then she says:

I try to limit it as little as possible. You feel the writing nerve bubbling – and then you write and then you get to see what it turns out to be.

So true! I recognize myself 100 percent in that.

It's only recently that I've realized how important writing is to me. It doesn't matter if it's a diary or a blog or just a few words on a piece of paper that gets thrown away later.

How and why we write varies from person to person, but most people would probably agree that there is a feeling of emptiness and incompleteness when we put it aside. It's like something's missing, like a sentence that's all of a sud

I stopped writing for a few years during a difficult time in my life. Incredibly stupid! It would have been a great, important and insightful "pen pal" to have had at my side.

Now I don't dare take the risk, so instead I write every day. Incredibly liberating! Mostly in Swedish, sometimes in English. It doesn't matter if it's long or short, deep or shallow, fact or fiction - just something, even if it's just a single sentence.

I will continue to do so. You can write that down! ✍️