Robert Birming

Development is in our DNA

Heard an interview with the Swedish artist Laleh. They talked about her song "Framåt" (forward in Swedish) and the forward movement of life.

They started talking about mistakes and the fact that they are part of the forward movement. We live and we learn, it's all development.

Laleh summarized it all by saying:

We can't develop backwards.

Easy to forget when it feels like everything is a dead end. If we look back a couple of days or weeks, this feeling of failure might be justified.

But is it true from a wider perspective? Last year, three years ago ... or five?

Likely, we will realize that we have come a long way on our journey. We will discover that we have accomplished both this and that.

All experiences, “good” or “bad”, have made this possible.

Development is everywhere. Development is our companion. Development is in our DNA.