Robert Birming

Don't hold back

I was recently assigned a new task at work. A task that I felt was not for me at all. I tried to turn it around...

Who knows, it could be great. It's exciting to have new experiences. It's good to be challenged now and then.

It worked mentally for a short time, but then the doubt came back as strong as before. And my gut was constantly shouting that this was a clear case of "the wrong person in the wrong place".

When I woke up yesterday, it was the first thing I thought about. This can't go on, I thought. I have to talk to my boss.

In the morning, I called him and explained exactly how I felt. I told him that I thought it'd be better to tell it like it is rather than just ruminating over it. He agreed with me 100% and appreciated my honesty.

Fifteen minutes later, he called back:

"Now it's fixed! We'll work it out some other way.”

What a relief! It was like putting down a heavy backpack I had been carrying around for the last few days.

All it took was to express my thoughts and feelings instead of holding them back. A simple and painless solution to a "problem" where the only real problem was that those around me did not know how I felt.