Robert Birming

How dare you?

Went to a coffee shop the other day. Read a good book while listening to soft music. It was one of those places where people go to sit and have a quiet moment.

So relaxing.

Then a phone rings on the table across from me. There were four people sitting there and nobody answered.

Ring, ring, ring…

Even though my earbuds have noise cancellation, this never-ending ringing goes right through. I got more and more annoyed and thought to myself:

“How dare you? No concern for the other guests who paid to sit and have a quiet moment. So disrespectful!”

Then one of them notices the illuminated display. He turns to the owner of the phone and informs him of the situation - in sign language.

It turned out to be a group of deaf people, and one of them had accidentally unmuted the phone. His expression told the whole room how sorry he was about the accident.

There I was with my judgmental thoughts, feeling foolish and reminding myself:

"Never judge without knowing the whole story.“