Robert Birming

Interests 😍

A list of things I’m passionate about. I’m interested in a lot of other things, but these are the top ones, and the consistent contenders.

✍️ Writing

I decided to start my list of interests with this one because it’s the one I would save if all the others had to go. Writing has a cleansing effect on me. When I’m not writing in one way or another, it’s like a clogged drain pipe on the brink of bursting. That’s why I write.

📚 Reading

I would have a really hard time giving this one up too. It’s so joyful and rewarding to dive into the world of a book. In a way it’s a paradoxical experience - it’s an escape, and at the same time it’s one of the most powerful ways to be present.

📸 Photography

I have always loved photography. I’ve never tried to become “good” at it. I just like to capture things that capture my curiosity. Sometimes it’s a landscape, sometimes it’s a person. A photo is like a time capsule, a glimpse of the past through the eye of the present.

Some of the other things I enjoy in life are listening to music, watching movies, traveling, and the amazing World Wide Web.

Kudos to Chris Burnell for his lovely idea to create an interests page, so we can discover what other bloggers are passionate about.