Robert Birming

Just blog

Someone asked me what my blog was about. I replied:

Everyday observations, sort of. Not very specific, I know.

Then I started thinking...

I need to niche myself. Maybe a blog about creative writing, or photography, or good coffeeshops in my hometown, Stockholm.

At least something other than "Just another blog" - that's how every other blog was described in the past.

Then those thoughts started to sink in...

And?! What's wrong with that? I blog mainly for myself. I do it because I like it.

It's easy to fall into the trap that the content must stay within certain limits. And, yes, sometimes that's needed. But most of us don't start a blog to write about a specific topic. We do it because we find it joyful and rewarding.

For me, I notice immediately when the idea of niching down kicks in. Writing feels tense and boring. I hesitate to publish certain texts and spend too much time formatting and correcting.

The result? An empty blog.

The solution? I'll stick to just another blog. I'll stick to the joy and power of just blogging.