Robert Birming

Not ready for blogging

I’m not ready.

That’s how I feel when it comes to blogging.

I’ve been blogging on and off for more than 10 years, so that’s not it. My head is filled with thoughts begging to be written, so that’s not an obstacle.

The problem is that it quickly gets “too serious”.

All my previous blogs have had a direction, a focus, a goal to strive towards. Newsletters, advanced statistics, social media accounts and so on...

That’s what I wanted back then.

Nowadays, I just want to write. No plan, no goal – just an open outlet for my creative desire to write.

But it doesn't seem to work.

I keep returning to the feeling that there needs to be "something more". Something to aim for, something to accomplish.

Why is that? Well, I guess that’s the million dollar question.

And I don’t have an answer...yet.