Robert Birming

Not ready for blogging?

I have serious doubts about whether I'm ready to continue this reborn blogging journey.

Behaviors from my days as a "successful blogger" are creeping in. Checking stats, hammering out good titles, strategizing...

And I hate it! I despise myself for having these thoughts and feelings. I just want to blog for the love of it.

Right now it seems impossible. It becomes "too serious". I don't want that!

No direction, no goal. Just a simple and open outlet for my thoughts, that's all I want.

But I keep coming back to the feeling that there has to be "something more". Something to strive for, something to achieve.

It makes me sad. It discourages me. It robs me of the joy and blossoming beauty of blogging.

I hope it will pass. I wish I could just blog. But at the moment it seems unlikely.

I keep my fingers crossed...and my mind open to what really feels like the right thing to do.