Robert Birming

Ship more!

I read about a successful entrepreneur who said that of all the projects he started, only five percent took off. His conclusion:

Ship more!

What a great approach! That philosophy is definitely something I myself feel I need to get better at adopting and implementing.

Too often I plan too much. Getting everything "perfect".

Then: Launch day!

Slow start, but it'll work...just need to change this and that. Ok, maybe if should try another angle...and another. Maybe if I...

Of course, some things need time to take off. Of course, not all projects need to be successful. Of course, it's a lesson learned regardless of what it all leads to.

But the thing is, at least for me, I'm clinging on for too long. It would be more useful and enjoyable to take advantage of the lessons learned and then move on.

Let it out, but don't be afraid to let it go – that’s the way to go.