Robert Birming

Swenglish language experiment

This text is an experiment. It’s the first time that I am writing in Swedish and then translating it into English.

In the past, I have always written directly in English. But, as I mentioned in Blogging doubts, I feel that it limits me. There is no flow and I find it difficult to go directly from thought to word.

For the translation, I will use DeepL. It is the best of the services I have tried so far. Of course, like any other translator, it is not flawless. The biggest mistakes tend to be in the use of proverbs or descriptive writing.

Instead of seeing this as a problem, I try to turn it around and see it as making proofreading especially important. I find proofreading a Swedish text boring. But in English, it's more fun because it's educational in an entirely different way. It feels stimulating.

Ok, now I've written a whole text that serves no other purpose than to be translated. Another perfect example of the possibility of writing when there's nothing to write.