Robert Birming

What's the rush?

Just got back from the movies. Got there a little early. Decided to get some snacks before going in.

When I was in line to pay for the snacks, a couple in front of me were having a hard time deciding what to get. I started to get stressed and annoyed. Make up your mind, I thought to myself.

Then I started thinking.

I'm here early. I have a lot of time, so much so that I will probably have to watch a bunch of commercials and trailers before the movie even starts. But I'm still standing here getting stressed.

What's the rush?

Maybe that's what today's society tends to do to you. Everything has to be ultra fast. It's all on-demand, high speed, ready to go.

Waiting is bad and forbidden. It's treated as if something is wrong. To wait has become synonymous with weight.

It's stupid, and I felt stupid for buying into it.