Robert Birming

Why write?

I have been thinking about why I write…

A call for attention? A desire that it will lead to something “big”? A fear of missing out?

To be honest – in the past, yes. And it felt good, for a while. Then it started to itch...

A constant feeling that nothing was good enough, no matter how successful things looked according to others. Always one step ahead, trying to find the key to “success”. I was a prisoner, and the guard was me – not realizing that there was no need for a key.

Why am I writing these days?

The main reason is that writing has a cleansing effect on me. When I'm not writing in one way or another, it's like a clogged drain pipe on the verge of bursting.

Writing is a way to uncover the covered. A way to gain insight into things that are out of sight. A way to shed a light on the shadows.

That's why I write. Why do you write?

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