Robert Birming

Writing when there's nothing to write

Sometimes I write even though I have nothing to write. This is one of those occasions.

Sometimes something comes out of it, sometimes it doesn't.

But I keep doing it in one form or another. Because...

It's easier to keep going than get going.

Personally, I find it more motivating doing it publicly – even if no one is reading it. It adds a bit of healthy "pressure". And it's more fun, especially with neat tools such as Bear blog.

But it doesn't matter how you do it.

Write on a piece of paper, your phone, a computer or whatever. Write spontaneous or thoughtful, in-depth or effective, personal or general. Write one sentence or 500 characters or three pages.

It doesn't matter. It's all up to you. There's no competition och there's no right or wrong.

Just keep writing...