Robert Birming

Learning languages

When I started writing the first post on this blog, I wrote it in Swedish. Then I realized that writing in English might be a good way to learn the language better.

I mean, it's not like I'm writing about the most important things in the universe and the meaning of life. So, why not kill two birds with one stone (or, as in the gentler Swedish version of that saying, two flies with one strike):

The creative joy of writing and, at the same time, hopefully getting a little better at expressing myself in a language that's not my native tongue.

Another way I've found to be both fun and educational is Google's "Word Coach". If you search for 'define' plus a word (let's say define language), you'll see the Word Coach on the search results page (if you don't, you may have to switch to view the page in English).

The game consists of five questions, and the last one is often picture based. You can also set the difficulty level of the quiz. And if you click on the bell icon, you'll get a notification every day with a new round based on a new word.

Lycka till! (Swedish for "good luck").